Beast Mode vs. Beast Mode Black


Beast Mode vs. Beast Mode Black Review

Pre-workouts are my kind of thing because I like to press hard with the weights in the gym. But for some unknowing reason, I don’t get to stay energetic for long (even just an intensive 20-minute weight-lifting can take me down). But with a good preworkout, my body and mind work in homogeneity, and tell me that I have the energy to make it till the last rep. Initially, I believed that pre-workouts are just a marketing gimmick with no real benefits. But I let that impression go off very soon when I studied about BCAAs, beta alanine, caffeine, green tea extract, etc.

But unlike my whey powder where I would prefer to stick with the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Double Choco for the rest of my life, pre-workouts have never been able to fully satisfy me. I am always moving to and fro between different brands, and that’s why, I have a lot of hands-on experience with these pre-workout supplements.

For this post, I would be doing a comparison of two pre-workouts from Beast Sport Nutrition; one is the Beast Mode, and the other one is the Beast Mode Black.

About Beast Sports Nutrition

Beast Sports Nutrition is not as recognized as other brands like Optimum Nutrition (ON), Cellucor or BSN, but their products are of decent quality (the ingredients are a different aspect though).

Beast Mode vs. Beast Mode Black—Differences

The original Beast Mode pre-workout gives you a hit of nice, clean energy, but if you are thinking about unleashing some kind of beast in yourself by using this pre workout, that’s not really going to happen.

The proprietary mix of caffeine, ginkgo, snake root, biloba, DMAE, etc. makes Beast Mode pre workouts pretty good, but there are a few things about the company’s pre-workouts that bugs me a lot (discussed below).

About Beast Mode vs. Beast Mode Black, the differences are subtle or marginal. But what makes this comparison tough is how the ingredients are not properly disclosed on the original Beast Mode. So if you are a Beast Mode user, you won’t really know what’s their inside every scoop. They have mentioned different blends on the label, but not the breakdown. For instance, their “Next-Level Pre-Workout Blend” is made up of 6054mg of beta alanine, creatinine monohydrate, agmatine sulfate, etc., but you can’t know how those 6 grams are apportioned to different ingredients.

If you could do a side-by-side comparison of the labels, the original Beast Mode definitely have more ingredients. But if you look at the stimulant matrix, Beast Mode Black has a much bigger serving and also includes Theacrine and Yohimbe that aren’t present in the original Beast Mode pre-workout complex.

Then, there some other hefty difference too. For instance, one scoop of Beast Mode Black contains 400mg of caffeine, which is considerably more than on the original Beast Mode (we couldn’t determine how much caffeine was there on the original Beast Mode, but according to, one scoop of Beast Mode has 150mg of caffeine). A 150mg-200mg of caffeine dose as a pre-workout works great, but the new Best Mode Black comes with a huge serving of 400mg, that’s equivalent to caffeine on four and a half cups of coffee which isn’t actually great for your heart, especially if you are someone working out in his 30s.

The Beast Mode Black is certainly a more powerful counterpart than the original Beast Mode and lifting with the Black version certainly feels better due to its better stimulant matrix.

Now, I will be giving you a walk-through of how effective are the ingredients on both of these pre-workouts.


Beast Mode Black and Beast Mode Ingredients

  • Beta-alanine is probably the most valuable amino acid on this pre-workout. According to some studies, the ideal pre-workout amount of BA is 2000mg. Guess what? Beast Mode has the perfect dose which is pretty great.


  • L-Taurine is the less-famous pre-workout ingredient as research shows that taurine-based energy drinks only have a minimal effect on the blood circulation.


  • Choline helps with focus and cognition, but it’s not as helpful as its presumed.


  • Caffeine is a well-known stimulant that improves blood circulation and helps with your training sessions in the gym. However, the caffeine dose on Beast Mode is not disclosed, while the Beast Mode Black has a whopping 400mg of caffeine, which could lead to some serious side effects. So even if you think that you have a high tolerance for caffeine, you might want to think twice before using Beast Mode Black. Excess caffeine could lead to headaches, raised blood pressure, nausea, and dizziness.


  • DMAE is not a version of the banned stimulant DMAA, but this cognitive booster also has only limited benefits.


  • And lastly, Yohimbe on both pre-workouts is an appetite suppressant that’s linked with different side effects when taken in a dose of 0.2mg/kg. This ingredient hardly gives you an energy boost and is packed with load of risks like hypertension, anxiety, and gastrointestinal disorders.


Beast Mode vs. Beast Mode Black—Final Verdict

These two supplements are so far the most controversial pre-workouts that I have come across. Both pre-workout supplements have 30 servings each, and you can get the Beast Mode for $25.65 from Amazon, and Beast Mode Black for $24.06.

Beast Mode Black is certainly an intense pre-workout when compared with other pre-workout supplements. You definitely feel some serious boost in your performance because of the high dosage of caffeine, but in terms of safety, you are risking a lot. And by the end of your training session, you feel absolutely dehydrated.

If we would have to pick between the two, we would go with the Beast Mode. But if we are given a choice between Beast Mode, Beast Mode Black and some other pre-workout, there are better choices available that we would prefer to go with.

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