Joe Donnelly’s Curl Variation: Best Technique in Building Bigger Biceps

Have you been struggling hard with those barbell curls for some time without seeing good results? It’s high time you step up your game with Joe Donnelly’s barbell curl variation.

The most effective way of building bulging biceps is through a curling motion. It’s not a new thing to everyone who does body building but where things go wrong is when your perception towards building biceps is focused on using standing straight bar curls thinking that alone would yield better results.

AML athlete Joe Donnelly demonstrates a  variation of the bicep curl that’s way more effective than regular standing bicep curls.

Watch the video below for a effective way of doing bicep curls 

In this video, Joe starts by explaining how and why the straight bar curl isn’t ideal and an effective way for building biceps using modern scientific proof.

The delts and forearms usually tend to take the workload since during the first third motion, the bicep is not activated.  But when the bicep is activated, you won’t feel much weight because everything will become lighter as momentum carries it through the entire portion of the workout.

What’s Joe’s solution? Seated barbell bicep curls

You will no longer be able to swing the weight when you allow your quads to stop the bottom portion of the reps. since the forearms and delts are no longer responsible in moving the weight, the biceps become fully and completely engaged.

It would be much easier doing weights normally while standing but seating and doing weight is a bit harder.

Why not give Joe’s variation a big shot?


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