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How Do You Compare Supplements?

These days, it is quick and easy to compare supplements online. The number of sites offering this service is almost limitless. Finding one is easy. Just Google Any Supplements topic. You will find pages upon which offer supplement comparisons. is a great place to start.

When most people look for fitness supplements, most start looking on Amazon and read the top reviews. Then, after reading the top reviews, most people will check out the “suggested items” Amazon recommends.

There is one problem with this: Amazon and the reviewers don’t always recommend a similar item. So what often happens is you will be looking at a specific product, like fish oil, and won’t know there is a very similar fish oil you might always want to check out. Or the reviewers may be people who don’t know much about a certain supplement and give misleading information (such as how some people think pre-workouts make you build more muscle; unfortunately not entirely true!)

Things are more straight-forward on Supp Fights.

Supp Fights puts  two similar premium supplement products head-to-head and gives reviews for both supplements

One of the purposes of Supp Fights is to compare supplements and let you know real information from  first hand experience of each product.

Now instead of searching endlessly for two similar supplements and eventually finding the right one after reading numerous reviews (which may or may not be from knowledgeable reviewers), read ONE in-depth article with a review of each supplement.

What kind of info is in each article?
In each article there is basic information on what the supplements are meant to do, how best to take them, and also the best prices for each supplement to make things easy.

In addition to comparing the supplements, each article gives you a listing of where the best prices are for each supplement, and basic information on how the supplements will benefit you.

For example, if you are looking to get leaner and lose weight, then compare supplements like Lipozene and Hydroxycut (which as you would find out reading the article, benefit two different lifestyles).

The articles that compare supplements leave the decision up to you in the end. Sometimes there is a recommendation, but for the most part each article arms you with plenty of information to make a choice based on your own unique needs.

Why Trust our Articles that Compare Supplements for you?
The fitness industry is full of scam artists. So it’s good to have a skeptical eye when it comes to supplement reviewers.

On Supp Fights I actually try out almost every product I review, and if I don’t personally test it out I have done hours of research on each supplement.

Trust is one of the most important principles in informing people about fitness and health supplements. This is only one example. But did you know most weight-loss supplements don’t actually do anything for you?

Most people won’t talk about that, and it only shows how important it’s become to give out real tried and true information and research.

So, give some of my articles a try.  Clicking on the “Compare Supplements” tab will bring you to the page with all the different articles that compare supplements and give a review of each product featured in the article.

I hope you enjoy.

P.S. Do you want some general fitness and bodybuilding tips? Then check out my other articles by following the “Blog” tab on the home page.

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