Animal Stak vs M Stak

Animal Stak vs M Stak


The Difference Between Animal Stak And M Stak

Animal Stak is part of a continuation of the Animal Pak line which has been the #1 selling line of prohormone-free supplements in the bodybuilding industry. Launched just over 9 years ago, the formula of Animal Stak has improved to what it is today…a supplement which pushes the envelope in non-hormonal anabolic supplements. Animal stak is build to be a complete anabolic hormone sta. It is a testosterone booster, growth hormone booster and an anti-aromatase. Animal Stak also contains hormone amplifiers and nutrients to optimize the body for anabolic growth.

animal stak

Animal Stak

Animal Stak – Testosterone booster

Every serving of Animal Stak contains a mega-potent dose of 1500mg of pro-testosterone boosters. The complex includes ingredients which elevate both free and total testosterone levels. Testosterone is the primary hormone that interacts with skeletal muscle tissue to develop muscle tissue when the body is in an anabolic environment. The pro-testosterone complex contains tribulus terrestris extract and longjack extract. Both of these combined raise and support natural testosterone release as well as increase free testosterone levels. Studies show that this combination almost doubles testosterone levels.

Growth Hormone support

Animal Stak contains a specialized GH complex that consist of specialized natural growth hormone boosters and support agents. Growth hormone is vital to muscular development as it stimulates growth in most body tissues including skeletal muscle tissue due to increasing the total number of cells. When GH is increased naturally protein synthesis and the subsequent transport of amino acids are increased as a result. GH plays a critical role in increasing the use of fat as a primary fuel source which helps to create a more lean physique. Increasing GH will help you naturally recover to your full potential sooner.

Growth Hormone Complex

animal stak supplement facts

animal stak supplement facts

The complex within Animal Stak contains a specialized Arginine Complex (Arginin HCL and ArginoCarn®), SuperSerum™, Sustamine™, alpha-GPC and mucuna pruriens. The Arginine Complex increases the release of GP, modulates the immune system improving responses to immune threat. ArginoCarn® is patented and increases growth & repair of neurons, supports brain-to-muscle connection and supports cognitive function. SuperSerum™ is another patented supplement which is rich in naturally occurring bioavailable proteins, growth factors and peptides. Sustamine™ promotes protein synthesis, stimulates immune action and improves hydration in the muscles. Alpah-GPC and mucuna pruriens help the body to produce Dopamine which is essential for brain function.

Anti-Aromatase Complex

Raising testosterone and growth hormone is the first major step, however decreasing estrogen is just as important. That is why Animal Stak has a Anti-Aromatase Complex within its ingredients. The complex contains resveratrol, calcium D-glucarate and diindolylmethane (DIM). Resveratrol is an incredible antioxidant which binds to the estrogen receptor blocking circulating estrogen hormones from hitting the target receptor which then inhibits estrogens.  Calcium D-glucarate is a potent antioxidant that inhibits beta-glucuronidase enzyme allowing more estrogen to be released from the body. DIM is found in cruciferous vegetables and blocks the estrogen receptors activity which reduces excess testosterone to estrogen conversion thus allowing more testosterone to be available. All of the components within this complex work together to lower estrogen levels and thus allow testosterone levels to outweigh estrogen levels.

Animal M Stak -Anabolic Flavones


Animal M Stak

M Stak is build on anabolic flavones, the primary one of which are Beta-Ecdysterone and Methoxyisoflavone. These ingredients have the ability to cause nutrient partitioning which is the process of shuttling nutrients toward lean mass accumulation. This elicits dramatic gains in lean muscle mass gains. Anabolic flavones also promote enhanced protein synthesis and nitrogen retention which is crucial in the process of developing new muscle growth. Within this Flavone complex is phytosterol extract Turkesterone which is able to increase protein synthesis.

Anti-catabolic amino blend

animal m stak supplement facts

animal m stak supplement facts

Animal stak
Animal stak
Animal M stak
Animal M stak

With M Stak you get a large dose of BCAA’s critical in muscle retention and protein synthesis. Of these BCAA’s Leucine is the critical BCAA which tells the body there is plenty of protein and increase protein synthesis. Adding leucine along with a protein/carb meal allows you to have an even greater whole net protein balance than when just consuming protein and carbs alone. Amino acids help to stimulate muscle recovery through non-hormonal means. Amino acids do this by influencing key metabolic pathways such as m-TOR which essentially work to flip the muscle building cycle on like a switch turns on a light. In combination with the amino acid complex M Stak has anabolic adaptogens musli, muira puama, rhodlola rosea and kudzu extract. These ingredients together have been shown to increase physical training capacity while minimizing the catabolic stress response.

Energy Complex

M Stak contains a potent energy blend which is full of natural stimulants, methylxanthines and evodiamine. This makes M Stak an excellent pre-workout that also serves to conserve muscle mass during your gruling workouts!

M Factor transport complex

This works to maximize the nutrient utilization ensuring all the components within the formula are processed properly. Ginger root extract combined with absorption enhancers bergmottin and bioperine ensure the full M Stak formula will work to your advantage.

Animal Stak vs Animal M Stak

Overall these two products accomplish similar tasks in different ways. Animal Stak is geared towards the more hard core bodybuilder looking for Growth Hormone support, improved natural production and retention of Testosterone as well as an Estrogen reducing agent. It accomplishes these three major feats without the use of drugs. Animal M Stak is geared towards the athlete who needs a stimulant and wants to preserve muscle but is not looking for hormonal support. It accomplishes this by affecting non-hormonal pathways such as m-TOR through the use of amino acids, as well as having Anabolic Flavones which assist in nutrient partitioning. Both of these incredible products can be stacked with other products or each other to gain an even greater effect in muscle growth and retention. Overall both products will serve you well, if you are looking to increase muscle mass by optimizing your hormones than choose Animal Stak…however if you are looking for a pre-workout blend which helps to preserve muscle especially during workouts than choose Animal M Stak. Both products are appropriate for the drug free athlete looking to optimize their muscle growth today!


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