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Best Electric Vortex Protein Mixer

It can be a real downer when you try to manually shake up your protein powder mix bottle, only to find that after minutes of doing so, you have a drink that comes with unmixed lumps and chunks of powder.  Kind of spoils the deal.

Technology being a beautiful thing, there is of course a way to get around this by using an electric vortex protein mixer.  As one would expect, there is a wealth of choice out there when it comes to choosing a vortex protein mixer.

So, to help, here are your top 6, in reverse order, to give you some focus and hopefully get you the product that you need.

All of these mixers may be found on Amazon.com.


Number 6:  Bottled Joy Electric Shaker Bottle

With a sleek design, the Bottled Joy Electric Shaker Bottle is a more cost-effective solution for your protein mixer needs.   A decent number of buyers have identified how well this mixer works at providing a lump-free mix, which is always a good starting point for any vortex mixer review.

The design is slinky, the feel of the whole unit is solid and general usability is good.  The sealing is good so reports of leaks are few and far between.

On top of that, the unit is charged by USB (with a nifty cover for the port) into a Lithium-Ion battery that when at full charge, allows for an hour’s worth of use.

Straight-forward to use, this could be a good first-time investment if you’ve not had a vortex mixer before and your budget is a little constrained.

When problems have occurred, Bottled Joy’s customer service has been noted to be easy to contact, approachable and quick to try and put things right.

Fly in the ointment?

The bottle is smaller than most, coming in at a 15-oz capacity, whereas rivals generally offer 20-oz capacity.  Cracks in the bottle early on have also been reported.


Number 5:  SSAWcasa Protein Shaker Bottle

Another vortex-mixer to be found at the cost-effective range, the SSAWcasa Protein Shaker Bottle has a steady reputation among its fans.

Powerful, fast and durable, yet light-weight at the same time, it mixes protein shakes quietly, quickly and efficiently, including thicker varieties, all in under thirty seconds.  With a good design, this mixer has a very secure lid so leaks are not going to be an issue.  It also has a handy compartment for protein powders to be stored in too.

Users also report that this mixer is able to mix virtually anything.  Well, that’s great if maybe. However, it’s no doubt safer to stay within the realms of protein mixes – which is why you’re reading this review right?

Once USB charged (with charger supplied) the battery lasts well between charges, at days at a time.  Some even report weeks between charging and that includes one or two mixes per day.

Fly in the ointment?

While the bottle is slightly bigger than the previous contender, that’s only just, coming in at 16-oz.  Unresponsive customer-service problems have also been reported.


Number 4:  Nutrabolt Vortex Portable Mixer v. 2.0

The Nutrabolt is a touch more expensive still, but straight off the bat offers the user an 11,000 rpm powerful and dependable motor that will help mix up even the thickest of shakes, whether in water or maybe almond or soy milk.  Despite that power, the mixer is quiet in operation.

You will see how the Nutrabolt’s motor starts off gently at first but then kicks into serious business mode so as to get the mix party going.

You get a 18-oz cup for your mix, so a greater capacity than its rivals thus far detailed, and it also seals well to minimize leakage.  The cup is easy to clean too.

If your budget is a little tight, then the Nutrabolt may be the mixer for you and completes the trio of the more cost-effective mixers detailed in this review.

So all-in-all, a solid bet.

Fly in the ointment?

If USB charging is your thing, you may wish to look elsewhere as the Nutrabolt does not sport that feature, instead relying on 2 AAA batteries.


Number 3:  LGXANTT USB Rechargeable Vortex Mixer

The LGXANTT USB Rechargeable Vortex Mixer costs a few dollars more than those that we have looked at so far, but that could be money well spent if this is the vortex mixer for you.


With a neat sports-flip lid, this mixer easily mand one twist locking mechanism, this mixes up protein drinks without clumps or mess.  LGXANTT also stipulate a 100% no leak guarantee.  We are though back to a slightly smaller 16oz cup with this product.

The majority of users generally report a good mixing / blending capability and that it is reliable and durable over months of use.  So another reason why this may be investment for you – a little bit extra paid so as to have the LGXANTT continue to perform.

The LGXANTT is USB rechargeable and comes with a supplied USB cable so you don’t need to be scrambling around the house to find spare one.

Fly in the ointment?

A few questions have been made about the 100% effectiveness of the mixing ability, with some accounts of unmixed powder not being picked up by the vortex blades.


Number 2:  InstaShaker (2018 mode)

Easy to clean, lightweight and easy on the eye, the InstaShaker makes a solid second place and is backed up with a stand-out manufacturer’s one-year warranty for extra peace of mind.

When mixing powder with liquid, plenty report how the InstaShaker is both efficient at getting a great blend ready for users and also done nice and quietly too.  That’s done with a 16,000 rpm motor to ensure your mixes are as good as they can be.  Users say how surprisingly powerful this is given its relative size.

Easy to use and to then clean, the unit is USB charged and the kind people at InstaShaker provide a 40” long USB cable too – which is really neat when before you may have found yourself struggling to work out how to make a shorter cable reach.

Should problems occur, customer service is seemingly lightning fast at putting things right.  Very reassuring.

Fly in the ointment? 

A few slightly concerning reports about the structure of the cup having cracked early on after purchase.


Number 1:  Promixx 2.0 (2018 model)

Just edging out to take the tape on the winning line, the Promixx 2.0 (2018 model) comes in at number 1.  Again, a little more expensive that its rivals, this may just be that one time when “you get what you pay for” comes genuinely true.

Aesthetically pleasing with an ergonomic polished stainless-steel trim and powerful motor, it’s also top rated for both its sturdiness, light-weight and low noise level when mixing.  The Promixx 2.0 is super easy to charge and comes with a USB rechargeable motor unit, with USB cable supplied.

Quick to mix your powder and liquid together in seconds and to the consistency you want (frothy, creamy, etc.), all in a good-sized 20oz bottle.

Users also repeatedly highlight just how easy and quick it is to clean and for an added bonus, customer service and after-care are good too.

Fly in the ointment?

One or two make reference to the USB port being fiddly to access.  However, in the great vortex mixer scheme of things, that is the tiniest of flies and still a great pot of ointment.

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