1,3-Dimethylamylamine – Usage Dosage and Side Effects

Everything You Wanted to Know About DMAA


What is DMAA?

DMAA or 1, 3- dimethylamylamine, is an extract of the geranium plant that is found in some supplements. In its purest form it’s similar to the chemical epinephrine or adrenaline that is found in the human body. So yes, DMAA is a stimulant and should be treated as such. Although it’s come under fire from the FDA in recent years, DMAA is a useful addition to many supplements when used responsibly. Here at Supp Fights we encourage everyone to educate themselves and make the right choice for them, and always consult a doctor before using any stimulant or other supplement.

Who Should Use DMAA

DMAA and products carrying DMAA are basically used as dietary supplements because DMAA stimulates chemicals in the body in the same way as epinephrine. When you take the proper dose of DMAA you will feel a similar adrenaline rush effect to doing something exciting like paragliding or snowboarding.

Taking a proper dose of DMAA in the gym allows bodybuilders and athletes to get that same surge of energy you get from doing an adrenaline-fueled activity. You will have greater energy levels and greater cognitive (brain) functions. So those who work long hours at a mentally taxing job or those who need to study difficult material may also find DMAA helpful. Taking DMAA also gives a nice sense of euphoria and positive well-being.

Another awesome and beneficial use of DMAA is it’s ability to suppress your appetite and at the same time burn fat. This is why DMAA is included in some pre-workouts and other supplements. Who wouldn’t want to try something that automatically induces the fat burning process?

Side Effects of DMAA

As with many effective supplements, DMAA does have some side-effects that depend on the individual and the dosage. Since DMAA is an artificial stimulant this is to be expected. However, many of these side effects only show up in large doses.

The possible side-effects are:

  • Induced anger (rare, but the adrenaline-like stimulation may set off people with already present anger issues)
  • Lightheadedness
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Paranoia
  • Mood swings

Again, these side effects are really only present at a larger dose or if an individual is very sensitive to stimulants. Many of these side-effects are present in everyday products like cold medicine and even caffeine.

Proper Dosing of DMAA

Your supplements nutrition label should tell you the amount in each serving. If not, and it’s a “special blend” of some sort you may want to steer clear of that supplement. If you decide to purchase pure DMAA and try making your own supplements, a good dose to start is 10mg per serving.

Remember, always consult your doctor or dietician before consuming any stimulants or other supplements that may contain them. Even though the side effects mentioned above are not even seen at doses of 40-50mg per serving, you must always be cautious. Everyone is different when it comes to taking supplements.

Is it Safe to Take DMAA?

Although no supplement is ever 100% safe, if you consult your doctor and follow the proper dosing, then DMAA should be safe for you to take. A healthy person with no heart conditions can take DMAA in small doses to achieve higher energy levels, increased cognition, and a nice fat burning effect.

It’s also VERY important to keep this in mind. The FDA hasn’t approved of DMAA and it’s included in a list of banned substances by the World Anti-Doping Agency. So any athletes and those involved in a sport should avoid using DMAA or any supplements containing it.

What Supplements Contain DMAA? And Are They Effective?

There are a high number of supplements that contain DMAA, particularly pre-workouts and fat loss supplements (fat burners). Site favorites such as Tommy gun and Mesomorph both contain enough DMAA to give you high energy and a nice pump after a heavy workout session.

Both of those are SUPER effective pre-workout supplements. They are highly recommended by us and many other reviewers online and in the gym. You can also check out our frequently updated list of supplements with the highest amounts of DMAA available on the market.

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