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Syntha 6 vs Syntha 6 isolate…..At first glance they seem similar but look closer! These protein powders are great for very different performance based reasons Let’s look closer to see which protein powder will suit your needs most effectively!

syntha 6

Syntha 6

Syntha 6 is a unique protein powder that uses an additional ingredient that delays the digestion of its main proteins. This ensures that you are getting protein supplies throughout the day. Because of this addition there isn’t a single time throughout the day in which you wouldn’t have protein available to your body. Most other products burn through their protein in 1-3 hours however this protein is much different due to its extended digestive nature. Protein in and of itself can and is used by the body for energy similar to carbohydrates when there is a lack of carbohydrate supply. When protein digestion is extended you get the added benefit of using protein solely for muscle growth instead of energy production.

What’s inside?

Syntha 6 is made up of six different proteins. This includes whey protein isolates, whey protein concentrate, egg protein and casein proteins. Within this mix there are a full stack of BCAA’s, fibre, digestive enzymes and glutamine. Syntha 6 has zero grams of trans fat, 2 grams of saturated fat, 22 grams of protein in an impressive package of 200 calories. This protein powder is great for those looking to pack on muscle and lose weight as it does not spike insulin with fast digesting proteins and carbohydrates while providing the body ample protein throughout the day for muscle building.

Side effects

Syntha 6 is a pure product free of any side effects. However if you allergic to eggs, milk, fish oil and certain nuts do look at the ingredient list to see if this product is for you. Syntha 6 has been tested for banned substances and can be used by competitive athletes without any concerns.

Taste and mixability

Syntha 6 is an excellent product when it comes to taste and mixability. Syntha 6 is made of a wide blend of proteins combined with carbohydrates making it a delicious mix. Because Syntha 6 is not an isolate it can get away with its 200 calorie content making it easy to design a product full of flavour. When mixing Syntha 6 there are no noticeable clumps or portions of product stuck to the sides of the container…what you get is a fully mixable product ready for consumption in seconds!

How does Syntha 6 compare?

Syntha 6 is not an isolated protein supplement. It is intended for weight management, energy metabolism and muscle repair which is digested over a long period of time. This intentional extension of digestion is what separates Syntha 6 and Syntha 6 isolate. An isolate protein is rapidly digested and is geared towards bodybuilders looking to spike their protein intake during critical time periods in a heavy workout or during dieting phases to counteract the catabolic effects of intense exercise and dieting.

Benefits of syntha 6, why should you take it

Syntha 6 is far ahead of the pack when it comes to a weight gainer. Its unique blend of proteins in an extended digestion mix allows of a unique protein supplement which makes it one of the best products on the market today for its purpose. It also happens to be a great tasting protein powder, has now adverse side effects (minus any allergies), is great of athletes and weight managers alike and comes in a complete blend of proteins, nutrients and BCAA’s.

Product summary

Overall Syntha 6 is a champion when it comes to an all purpose protein powder. Syntha 6 has a unique blend of proteins with a digestive complex that slows the rate of digestion and absorption. This makes Syntha 6 very valuable as the protein will more likely be used for protein building and muscle sparing purposes instead of energy production. Overall if your goal is to lose weight and gain/maintain muscle mass Syntha 6 is an excellent choice.


Syntha 6 isolate

Syntha 6 has been a top selling protein powder for many years, being both delicious and an all day protein it has and continues to perform well. However because Syntha 6 was not the purest protein Syntha 6 isolate was developed. Syntha 6 was developed for the more hardcore trainers who demand a low car product with a high protein to weight ratio (meaning the product itself is mainly pure protein in an isolated form). Although both products have a similar name they are not the same in any way. This has created much confusion among many consumers and this article should clear the air. Both products are fantastic within their respective areas of fitness and bodybuilding.

What’s inside?

Syntha 6 isolate is only made from two but very high quality and expensive proteins, whey protein isolate and milk protein isolate. Syntha 6 isolate contains 25 grams of protein per serving making the product 66% protein by weight as compared to Syntha 6’s 47% protein by weight.

Syntha 6 isolate taste and mixability

Syntha 6’s most well known trait was that it was one of the best tasting protein powders around. Its mixture is both easily mixed and creamy in texture making it absolutely delicious and approachable to the vast majority of consumers. When designing Syntha 6 Isolate BNS tried to make a product just as delicious, however due to the isolated nature of the proteins combined with zero carbs the product does have a noticeably artificial flavor instead of the full body flavour Syntha 6 was able to accomplish. Also its mixability is more typical of a casein protein and therefore is coarse in texture.


Syntha 6 isolate is a noticeably more expensive product. This is due to the cost of isolate proteins reaching higher levels than less pure proteins. Syntha 6 isolate was not designed for the everyday consumer looking to lose weight and build muscle. It was designed for the ultra conscious consumer of protein products looking for a pure source of protein free of carbohydrates and of a rapid digesting quality. This comes at a cost and compared to other isolate proteins Syntha 6 isolate is a fantastic value for its buck.

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Syntha-6 Isolate

Comparison summary

Overall comparing Syntha 6 and Syntha 6 isolate is a self defeating exercise. Syntha 6 is a great choice for the vast majority of health conscious individuals looking for one of the best tasting protein powders that will stay with you all day long. Syntha 6 isolate was designed specifically for bodybuilders in mind to provide rapidly digestible proteins during intense workouts and dieting phases. Isolate proteins in general are only critical when one is looking to diet down or “cut” body fat. It allows the body to stay in a positive nitrogen balance during intense exercise periods while dieting down at the same time. This extreme level of dieting and exercise calls for an isolate such as Syntha 6 isolate. When choosing between the two products take into account where you are at in your fitness and choose a product that suits your current needs as they will always be changing!

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